BigCommerce Installation Guide

This article walks through how to enable the BigCommerce integration in TextRetailer. When you integrate with BigCommerce, you'll be able to use your product catalog to populate QuickCarts & Product Campaigns. Orders generated by TextRetailer will automatically be synced to BigCommerce for easy fulfillment.

Enable the BigCommerce Integration

There are two ways to connect your BigCommerce store to TextRetailer:

  1. Through the BigCommerce App Marketplace, where you will be prompted to either create a TextRetailer account or log in to your existing account during the workflow
  2. Through the integrations tab in your TextRetailer account

In this guide, we will be using the second method, the integrations tab.

No matter how you integrate, the outcome is the same. Follow the steps below to enable the integration through the integrations tab.

Open your TextRetailer account, the admin for your BigCommerce store, and your BigCommerce storefront in separate tabs.

First, navigate to the BigCommerce settings page under the Integrations section within TextRetailer.

Under Store URL, enter your store‚Äôs permanent address.

To find this address, go into your BigCommerce admin and navigate to Account Settings > Store Details. Scroll down to find the Permanent Address for your store.

You'll be taken to the TextRetailer listing in the BigCommerce App Store. Click Install and grant permissions to the TextRetailer app in order to complete the installation.

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